Frida and Björn are responsible consumers. When they are furnishing their home they want to make smart decisions and at the same time help preserve the nature in their homeland and everywhere else. Keeping a small ecological footprint is important to them.

As important are also their health and their living environment. They make conscious decisions to surround themselves with simple natural materials and also materials which are recycled and given a new life. Most importantly, they choose products that will make their own and also others life better.



For Frida and Björn to be able to find the home decor they are looking for – this is why this online store was created. At Frida & Björn you can find interior details from carefully selected different eco-friendly brands. The design is perfect for a nordic home and materials always sustainable. Meaning that the products are mostly made of natural materials as well as recycled materials.

Our mission is to help change homes to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.

In order to do it, we are working together with brands who have the same values as we do and choosing products based on the materials used. We value caring for people and nature, honesty in every process, carefully considered decisions on materials and simple nordic design inspired by nature.



At Frida & Björn you are able to shop different eco-friendly brands and among those also our own. Frida & Björn products are made in Hiiumaa, a small Estonian island, inspired by its nature and calm vibe. The design is simple and materials used are and will always be as healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.